Tsavkko Garcia, Raphael
Publication year: 2023

On January 8, supporters of Brazil’s far-right former President Jair Bolsonaro stormed the country’s presidential palace, Congress, and Supreme Court demanding a coup to reinstate him to power.

So-called “Bolsonaristas” smashed windows and furniture in the Supreme Court building. They climbed onto the roof of the Congress building and unfurled a banner that read “intervention”. They destroyed and stole works of art and broke glass panels. They roamed the presidential palace chanting pro-Bolsonaro slogans. They pulled a policeman from his horse and beat him to the ground.

These shocking scenes in Brasilia were eerily similar to those we witnessed at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, when the seat of the Congress was invaded by die-hard supporters of President Donald Trump.

And the similarities between the two events were no coincidence.

Full article at Al Jazeera’s website. Date of publication: 11/01/2023

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