Tsavkko Garcia, Raphael
Publication year: 2021

Starting today, April 20, users can no longer post questions or answers to Yahoo Answers. On May 4, the site will shut down. By June 30, all of its content will be deleted. That’s 16 years of content that generated knowledge, memes and, of course, misinformation. Verizon, owner of the website, cited falling popularity and changes in the company’s focus as the main reasons for the end of the service. Users will be able to download their own data, but all the rest will vanish on June 30.

Just like with the end of Orkut or GeoCities, Yahoo Answers will delete the content generated by millions of users, including unique knowledge that feeds search engines. More than a debate about fake news, this is a debate about memory and the need to save the content and knowledge produced by humanity – even if that content doesn’t seem worthy or relevant now.

Full article at Business Insider’s website. Date of publication: 20/04/2021.

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