Tsavkko Garcia, Raphael
Publication year: 2022

“Like every day, Amparo leaves her building in the centre of Valencia to walk to work on a routine that has been an unimportant part of her life. But today, as she starts walking, she discovers something different from other days: for the first time, she is able to hear her own steps, which makes her feel more like a protagonist in her surroundings, more alive, more confident. As if she had regained herself against the impersonal giant of a big city.

Everything happened little by little. First, one of the two car lanes was removed and a cycle lane was built. Then access for non-neighbourhood vehicles was restricted and a superblock was designed. Now some electric vehicle charging points are already visible and are starting to proliferate around the city.”

This is a story that the city of Valencia shared to illustrate what they plan to achieve with the series of initiatives that they are putting in place to remain at the forefront of the fight for decarbonisation and climate neutrality in Europe. Several projects focused on a sustainable future and with the wellbeing of citizens as the main objectives have been planned and implemented by the city.

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