Tsavkko Garcia, Raphael
Publication year: 2021

Madrid is the home of thousands of migrants from all over the world. From Afghan refugees to Colombians reuniting with family members, they all have to go through complicated bureaucracy to be able to settle, look for a job and find a better life. Since 2005, the city has been home to two offices dealing with migrants that, with 20 employees, do their best to help migrants navigate the Spanish bureaucracy and integrate into their host society.

The Oficinas Municipales de Información, Orientación y Acompañamiento para la Integración Social de la Población Inmigrante or Municipal Office of Information, Guidance and Support for the Social Integration of the Immigrant Population offer a series of services for the migrant population in Madrid, offering Spanish lessons and helping them tailor their CVs, legalise their diplomas, giving job-relate counselling, etc.

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