Tsavkko Garcia, Raphael
Publication year: 2019

The idea that you should not participate in # 10yearschallenge because Facebook would steal our metadata sounds very alarmist and even naive. Not because Facebook will not use this data to enhance its artificial intelligence, but because Facebook already does it with all the data we post on the network.

Our data (and photos) of years and years are already in the network, checking the aging process by facial recognition with this database is much more useful than picking up two photos with 10 year difference and nothing in between. And Facebook already has the data you need — the challenge just helps improving the process.

But the thing here is: If you’re on Facebook you know what they do to your data (at least to some extent) and you agree with it. That is, the idea that the challenge is something beyond the continuity of a process that already exists is only alarmism.

Full article at ExtraNewsfeed’s website. Date of publication: 08/02/2019

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