Tsavkko Garcia, Raphael
Publication year: 2020

The tradition of infusing punk and metal with humor and political critique is as old as the Rock Against Bush compilations are long. With the rise of far-right regimes in the US and UK over the last few years, the responses from bands have been swift and loud, with parallel themes appropriate to the eerie similarities between both countries’ blowhard figureheads.

Brazil offers their own brand of modern fascism in the reign of president Jair Bolsonaro, and one musical answer to it can be seen in the long-running thrash metal band Gangrena Gasosa.

The only band that plays Saravá metal (“sarava” referring to Afro-Brazilian mantras related to “god,” “the earth,” and “energy”) in the world released, in February, a music video for the title track off their EP Kizila. When posted on Facebook, the video was deleted for going against the platform’s hate speech rules.

Full article at HardNoise Mag’s website. Date of publication: 22/12/2020.

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