Tsavkko Garcia, Raphael
Publication year: 2020

People are different; therefore, they behave differently and have different needs. Yes, I had to say “different” many times. When you work from home or are a freelancer, you find a plethora of tips from so-called experts that teach you that you have to wake up early, have the same routine, relax a bit a few times a day, drink I don’t know how many cups of coffee, while wearing this or that type of clothes.

I’ve clicked on the first 50 results in Google looking for “tips and practices to work from home” (that was actually the first result) and if you compare lists that range from do-able “9 Tips for Working Remotely” to are-you-kidding-me-I-rather-be-working “21 Tried-and-True Tips For Remote Working”, they are very similar. In fact, it’s amazing how many lists there are to pretty much state the same.

An almost unforgettable tip, even before the list itself is: Be positive. Moving on, most lists have always the same basic tips: Set goals and have a schedule; set priorities; don’t wear a pyjama (or a version I particularly loved, “be a human [and] get dressed”); wake up early; set office hours; work from a comfy place and avoid distractions. It is a joke among some psychologists that such listicles resemble more coaching arguments and a dictatorship of rules.

Full article at IndigoBlue Magazine’s website. Date of publication: 15/10/2020.

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