Nine members of the Republic Defence Committees (CDR) were arrested on September 23 by the Spanish police in another attempt to intimidate and criminalize the Catalan pro-sovereignty movement on the eve of the sentencing of the 12 political prisoners who will most likely be sentenced to the maximum penalties for exercising their prerogatives of calling for a referendum for the independence of Catalonia, (in October 2017) following the popular will of the Catalan people which provides steps towards achieving a Catalan state.

The operation has been called for by Spain’s National Court (Audiencia Nacional) in Madrid and that means that accusations of “terrorism” are on the table, as otherwise a local Catalan court would have led the operation.

Nine people whose crimes are to defend the right to self-determination of the Catalan people and who have not committed any crime but who are accused of possibly wanting to commit crimes – which reminds us of the popular Hollywood movie, Minority Report.

Full article at International Policy Digest’s website. Date of publication: 26/09/2019.

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