Tsavkko Garcia, Raphael
Publication year: 2022

January marks the beginning of an election year that could see Jair Bolsonaro re-elected as president of Brazil. Polls show he won’t have it easy.

Former President Luís Inácio Lula da Silva is leading Bolsonaro by over 15 percent, with a clear possibility for victory in the first round on October 2. But it is still too early for predictions. Trailing them are Bolsonaro’s former justice minister, Sérgio Moro, and center-left former Ceará Gov. Ciro Gomes.

The effects of the pandemic on the economy are still strongly felt, with inflation continuing to rise. Bolsonaro will have difficult decisions to make, such as readjustments in the public sector—particularly among police officers, one of his most important bases of support.

Full article at Latino Rebels’ website. Date of publication: 26/01/2022.

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