Tsavkko Garcia, Raphael
Publication year: 2020

Rubber bullets fly, tear gas sprays — and just like that, a popular funk music street party in São Paulo becomes deadly.

It was the wee hours of December 1, 2019, when militarized police officers ambushed the well-known bash Baile da Dz7 in pursuit of two men who had opened fire on the officers then run into the party. According to a police report, officers used “chemical ammunition” to disperse the crowd, kettling partiers into narrow alleys of the city’s Paraisópolis community. Trapped on Street 17 (for which the party is named), some members of the 5,000-person crowd were trampled. Nine teenagers were killed. The youngest, Gustavo Cruz Xavier, was 14 years old.[

Full article at Level’s Medium page. Date of publication: 05/02/2020.

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