Tsavkko Garcia, Raphael
Publication year: 2022

When Edson Teles was four years old, he was kidnapped along with his sister, Janaína de Almeida Teles, by the Operação Bandeirante, a body created by the Brazilian army to persecute left-wing activists, before being incarcerated with their parents in December 1972.

In prison, they were forced to watch their parents being tortured.

Now, Teles is the coordinator of the Centre for Forensic Anthropology and Archaeology (CAAF) of the Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp), which is responsible for identifying the remains of guerrillas and civilians who were disappeared and murdered by Brazil’s military junta during two decades of repression and dictatorship, and buried in mass graves.

Full article at OpenCanada’s website. Date of publication: 23/03/2022.

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