Raphael Tsavkko Garcia, Robbie Corey-Boulet
Interview to the podcast Trend Lines (WPR)
Publication year: 2018

Interview to World Politics Review’s Trend Lines Podcast on the end of ETA and the future of the pro-independence movement in the Basque Country (as well as some comments on the Catalan process). Presented by Robbie Corey-Boulet: “In Spain’s Basque Country, Dreams of Independence Outlive ETA”. New York/Bremen, USA/Germany, 2018. (20/07/2018).

In this week’s Trend Lines podcast, WPR’s editor-in-chief, Judah Grunstein, and senior editor, Robbie Corey-Boulet, discuss the Helsinki summit between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin and its fallout. For the Report, Raphael Tsavkko Garcia talks with Robbie about the dream of an independent Basque state in northern Spain after the formal disbanding of the violent Basque separatist group ETA earlier this year.

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