Tsavkko Garcia, Raphael
Publication year: 2019

In a country the size of Brazil, some musical styles never leave “home,” or their region. Brazil has a multitude of rhythms, from worldwide famous samba, pagode and forró, to lesser known regional styles such as carimbó or tecnobrega (also known as tecnomelody). Here, we’ll take a look at some of the styles found in the northern state of Pará.

From the mixture of several local styles – from carimbó to lambada, guitarrada, calypso and forró, along with Caribbean rhythms such as Trinidad and Tobago’s calypso – tecnobrega “appeared in Belém [Pará’s capital] in the early 2000s, from a confluence of factors. From a musical point of view, tecnobrega is a crossroads of the classic brega with elements of the eurodance that has dominated the parties in Belém since the late 1980s,” says Gustavo Godinho, director (with Vladimir Cunha) of the documentary “Brega S/A.”

Full article at Remezcla’s website. Date of publication: 18/09/2019.

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