Tsavkko Garcia, Raphael
Publication year: 2021

Mostafa, 18, arrived in Greece a year and a half ago fleeing Iran, where his family had been living after their village in Afghanistan was attacked by the Taliban. Not being able to study or find a decent job, he first arrived at Moria camp with his family in the wake of a terrifying five-hour boat journey at night.

After fires broke out in the camp in September of last year, Mostafa said they were moved with the other 13,000 refugees to Kara Tepe camp. Life there is restricted, “boring, and being here for a long time causes us to lose our hope,” he said.

Refugees, such as Mostafa, must also deal with another issue that weighs on their mental health – surveillance.

Full article at The Globe and Mail’s page. Date of publication: 07/06/2021.

The article was also published in print.

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