Tsavkko Garcia, Raphael
Publication year: 2019

In September 2017, the bodies of two dismembered children were found in the city of Novo Hamburgo in southern Brazil. One body belonged to a boy aged between eight and ten, and the other to a girl aged between 10 and 12. They were deposited in a box on the edge of a local road and found on September 4. Street dogs found more parts of the children’s bodies in trash bags in a nearby stream a few days later. The children’s heads were never found.

According to the police, two businessmen had ordered a Satanic ritual to bring more prosperity to their businesses, and Silvio Fernandes Rodrigues, founder of the Temple of Lucifer, performed the ritual of sacrifice of the children for the price of 25 thousand reais.

Two witnesses who claimed they participated in the ritual passed the information to the police chief, Moacir Fermino. According to information from the local press, Fermino was conducting the investigation based on a “revelation” from the Christian god, and his press conferences were laden with Christian religious language, such as being guided by “prophets.”

Full article at The Wild Hunt’s website. Date of publication: 24/05/2019.

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