Tsavkko Garcia, Raphael
Publication year: 2019

Unemployment, possible bankruptcy of the country, conflict with Venezuela, destruction of the education system and… an internal conflict punctuated by purges.

The first few months of the Bolsonaro administration will be interesting for historians of the future, but they are a nightmare for those who are narrating and trying to figure out the events as they unfold. And especially for those who suffer and will suffer from the direct consequences of the actions of the government of a president who still seems to be campaigning — or who simply has no idea how to govern.

Like Don Quixote, Bolsonaro is in constant fight against windmills, seeking imaginary enemies as a way to justify his actions and to please his supporters’ base — that’s shrinking more and more.

Full article at Medium’s World website. Date of publication: 08/07/2019.

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