Tsavkko Garcia, Raphael
Publication year: 2021

I’ve been debating (with myself mostly) quite a lot these days about LinkedIn and how it can promote an unhealthy idea of success—and how the whole idea of success can be problematic. Pretty much every post I see on LinkedIn is from someone celebrating a new job, a milestone reached, or to give some motivational tips to those who are struggling to “get there.” But is quite rare to see someone complaining about not being able to “get there” (yet?) or simply listing and exposing their flaws and failures. Sure, sometimes you see someone sharing about a barrier they had to cross, or difficulties along the way, but I’d say that even though there are no filters like on Instagram, LinkedIn can sometimes look very fake. Why do I have this opinion?

Full article at IndigoBlue Magazine’s website. Date of publication: August, 2021.

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